Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fighting Back (Literally, like with Death Rays) Against Killer Storms

It's been a brutal year in Tornado Alley. So far there have been about 1,200 twisters (compared to an average 1,254), 110 deaths from 30 killer tornados and at least 22 tornadoes have topped the Fujita Scale (used to measure tornado intensity) as level 5s. All this according to a report at LiveScience.

What can we do? One suggestion is to move. Almost half of deaths have occurred in mobile homes. But that's not the American way. We're not used to yielding to mother nature. So how about we fight?

According to
a report at Discover Magazine, there are a few weather-controlling options on the table. For tornadoes, you could beam them with microwaves. As a result, water in the funnel clouds would heat up, the convective forces would be disrupted and no more tornado. Researchers are also at work on devices that could redirect lightning bolts better than conventional lightning rods and ultraviolet lasers to create rainfall.

(Photo courtesy NOAA)

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