Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Evidence for Multiverse May be in 'Background'

Since 2001, NASA's WMAP satellite has been relaying data to us earthlings on the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation; the leftovers, basically, from the Big Bang. Now, Caltech scientists studying the CMB think it might be telling us we exist in one of many universes, reports the BBC.

I'll acknowledge up front that the BBC article is short, real short, on details, but basically they're saying "small fluctuations" in the CMB point to time before the Big Bang, or a universe that we spun out of. (By the way, the image in this blog post is
a shot of the CMB from WMAP.) These same fluctuations are the "seeds" from which galaxies grow.

According to the theory, a universe can spring up spontaneously and rather innocuously. In fact, according to one expert familiar with the work, "a universe could form inside this room and we’d never know."

Pound360 suspects the reason why these fluctuations point to a multiverse are so complex our puny minds couldn't handle it, so we'll watch this space for someone to release this theory in the form of a pop-up book.

For Pound360's favorite, and most understandable, post on multiverses,
check this out.

(Photo Courtesy NASA)

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