Monday, June 16, 2008

Cyborg Domination Plot Takes Shape

The British military recently launched the final component of its global satellite communications network. The ominous name of this project? Skynet. Not impressed? Not quivering with fear? We at Pound360 are. We at Pound360 remember the Terminator movies where a defense system called "Skynet" turned on humankind and set off to destroy it with nuclear weapons and walking, killing computers called Terminators.

Still not terrified? According to the BBC, the British system makes it so "computers can talk directly to computers." Not only that, Skynet can control attack aircraft, zoom in with its cold digital eyes on any street corner in the world and its super secure. Skynet is reinforced "to withstand any interference - attempts to disable or take control of the satellites - and any efforts to eavesdrop on their sensitive communications."

Scared yet? Skynet allows computers to talk to each other so they can eventually conspire against us. Not only that, when they're ready, the united computers can hunt us down with assault planes, there's nowhere we can hide and we couldn't hack into the satellite to stop it if we wanted to.

[Cue Terminator theme music.]

go read more about Skynet at Wikipedia.

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