Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Connection Found Between Road Rage, Bumper Stickers

This is pretty funny. A University of Colorado study finds people who "personalized their cars" are more prone (16 percent, in fact) to road rage reports Discover Magazine.

Personalization items or, "territory markers" as the researchers referred to them (territory markers!), include bumper stickers, seat covers, special paint jobs, etc. according to
a Slashdot snippet on the subject.

Of course, the more territorial markers you see, the more territorial (crazy) a person is, and the more likely they are to run you off the road for forgetting to use your turn signal, flip you off for talking on your cell phone and so on.

But it's not what's on the stickers that count. Whether they're stickers for world peace or gun control, it's the quantity of stickers that's connected to road rage. Also, territorial markers were a better indicator of one's likelihood for aggressive driving than other factors such as how expensive their car was (or was not).

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