Friday, June 27, 2008

Bush Backs Maglev Train of the Future

The transportation bill signed this month by President Bush includes $45 million for a Las Vegas to California "maglev" train, according to a report at MSNBC. Levitating magnetically, the maglev moves up to 310 MPH and "doesn't pollute" since it's propelled by a magnetic field. But the magnetic field has to be generated somehow, right? And Pound360 bets there's a plant someplace burning something to make that happen.

While Maglevs would be new to the United States, they aren't exactly the train-of-the-future (globally speaking) since one is in use in China (see photo), though it's a money-loser. The hope is that the draw of Las Vegas will make the route profitable. And if the route is successful, more could be developed taking pressure off gas prices and clogged freeways. But don't bet on it. Ask Seattle, home of the monorail, how successful future forms of public transportation are today, tomorrow and the next day.

By the way, Pittsburgh and the Washington D.C. area are also planning maglevs.

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