Thursday, May 15, 2008

PoundRant: Tired of Being Tired? Go to Bed.

At the other day, Pound360 saw an ad which asked, "Tired of Being Tired?" Below that line was a picture of Lance Armstrong jogging and a bottle of some energy drink superimposed next to him.

Look, if you're tired of being tired -- if you're tired so often that you're sick of it -- there's only one real solution: sleep more. An energy drink isn't much help. Try this instead. Sit down, prioritize the things in your life (from food to sport, movies to sleep), and figure out what means most to you, okay?

Sleep affects pretty much everything, so it should be high on your list (probably in front of eating).

Look, energy drinks as a solution to chronic fatigue makes about as much sense as buying a bigger belt because you're tired of being fat. That's not a solution. That's madness.


Anonymous said...

I've seen that ad. It's for something called FRS and it isn't a typical energy drink that basically just jump starts you. It gives you energy in a natural healthy way and they also have powder and chews, not just drinks. The truth is that a lot of people eat unhealthy foods that don't digest like they should and it drains their energy. FRS doesn't directly improve your digestion, but it doesn't hurt.

Now restless leg syndrome (RLS) is something that doesn't need medical attention. It's just your body's way of telling you to get off your ass!

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Pnane Weg said...

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