Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Natural Crop Beats GM Competitor

A few years ago, farmers noticed their genetically modified (GM) crops weren't producing as much as they recall their natural crops from years past. So the University of Kansas set out to study the matter and found GM crops produced 10 percent smaller yields. This according to a report at the Independent UK.

When testing soy beans, the study showed Monsanto's GM crop produced 70 bushels of grain per acre, while natural crops produced 77.

Researchers dug in and found the GM didn't seem to be absorbing manganese, an element crucial to plants.

Previous research by the University of Nebraska found natural soya out-yielded Monsanto's GM stock by 6-11 percent.

Nature wins this round. But humans are getting their revenge by wiping out elephants in the congo and achieving breakthroughs in the development of artificial intelligence.

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