Thursday, May 01, 2008

An Inconvenient Climate Model

A German team of researchers has come up with a 10-year climate forecast and the news couldn't be worse for continuing efforts to conserve energy and come up with renewable energy innovations. According to the model, as reported by the NY Times, Europe and North America is set to cool over the next ten years due to shifting ocean currents.

Climate prediction, any forecasting for that matter, is not an exact science. But the same model which the ten-year outlook is based on was able to "reasonably replicate climate patterns" when applied to previous decades.

Researchers warn the cooling phase is merely a "pause in warming," but how can they expect anybody to take that seriously? We live in a world where all that matters is the next quarter's bottom line. If the climate starts cooling, it will be the perfect excuse to maintain our obsession with cheap, quick, dirty and non-renewable energy sources.


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