Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Google Takes on Coal, Sinks Millions into Solar

America's favorite search engine has a plan to beat coal codenamed REaccording to the program's webpage. Interestingly enough, "a clean and green energy future" seems like an afterthought to saving money. Perhaps that's the strategy in this "strategic initiative." Appeal to people's pocketbooks. Force them to clean the environment despite of themselves. Pound360 digs it.

Recently Google invested $130 million in a "solar thermal" energy startup called eSolar,
reports Wired. They build a system where mirrors focus sunlight on water, the water turns to steam, and it drives turbines that crank out electricity. Although their technology has been around for decades, it's only recently heating the cost sweet spot as the price of building coal or natural gas power plants rise.

eSolar isn't the only solar thermal company gaining, um, steam. Governemnts and private investors have poured billions into solar thermals around the world, according to the Wired report. Abu Dhabi's invested $1.2 billion in a company called Torresol. Arizona Public Utilities inked a $4 billion deal with solar thermal Ausra. Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado each require that 15-20 percent of power comes from solar.

In other renewable-energy-showing-promise news,
Pound360 recently blogged about a government study showing wind power may provide up to 20 percent of US power by 2030.

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