Thursday, April 24, 2008

'The world's last great source of carbon-based fuel'?

We're getting pretty desperate on this planet for stuff we can burn to create energy. The latest pursuit? "Flammable ice," which "could be the world's last great source of carbon-based fuel" This according to a report at New Scientist.

Beneath some permafrost and stretches of ocean floor lie frozen methane hydrates. If we can find an efficient way to mine this stuff, we may have a new fuel source on our hands. Japan, which has long searched for a homespun energy source is leading research in this field.

But caution is urged. "Disturbing the hydrates" could lead to a chain reaction causing seaborne natural disasters like tsunamis. Scotland is thought to have been hit by a tsunami 8000 years ago after a "sudden release" of gas from beneath the sea floor.

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