Thursday, April 10, 2008

White Bread Better than Whole Wheat?

Yes. According to an article at the London Times. White bread is better for you than wheat when it comes to minerals and calcium absorbtion.

Here's why. Since World War II, the flour used to make white bread has been fortified with calcium, iron, vitamin B1 and nicacin. This combination means "white bread triumphs" over whole wheat in the mineral category.

Also, fiber blocks your body's absorption of calcium. So you absorb more calcium from a slice of white bread than wheat.

Sure, whole wheat bread has more fiber (and we at Pound360 think it tastes better), but grab a stalk of celery if you're worried about it.

The Times piece, "Five 'bad' foods that can be good for you," also had positive things to say about red meat (it has the same amount of fat per serving as chicken), ice cream (it's a
low-GI food that controls appetite, and a low-cal alternative to super-rich deserts like cheese cake) and butter (one of the few natural foods with vitamin D).

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