Sunday, April 13, 2008

President Obama Would Cut NASA Spending

Presidential candidate Barak Obama’s intends to slash spending for space exploration in order to support his education reform package reports the Space Review (via Slashdot). This does not help Obama’s chances of earning a Pound360 endorsement.

In fact, this really irritates us.

Obama’s plan is to pull funds from Project Constellation, the program aimed at “maintaining American presence in low Earth orbit, returning to the Moon for purposes of establishing an outpost, and laying the foundation to explore Mars,”
according to Wikipedia.

Pound360 gets that education is important. But do you have to pull money from NASA? How about shaking a couch or two at the Pentagon and collecting the change? In the US we spend around $440 billion on defense each year. NASA by contrast has a meager annual budget of $17 billion.

Part of Obama’s problem with space spending is that “NASA has lost focus and is no longer associated with inspiration.” Okay, so the way you fire it up is draining the bank account? This is terribly confusing coming from a man that said, “I grew up on Star Trek… I believe in the final frontier.”

Another deeply disturbing issue with Obama is his
support of ethanol. Pound360 has regularly discussed how getting fuel from food is a bad idea. It’s bad for pocket books (rising food prices, for example), bad for the environment (more fertilizer for our waterways, for example) and it simply won’t do much to curb demand for gasoline (if you used all the farmland in the United States to supply crops for ethanol, which is completely absurd, it would only serve around 30 percent of total gasoline demand).

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