Thursday, April 03, 2008

How Coffee Fights Devastating Mental Disease

Pound360 regularly hears from (habitual) coffee drinkers feeling guilty about their indulgence. We often ask, how often and how much do you drink? We're not doctors here at Pound360, and our advice is worthless, but we figure if you drink regularly (build up a tolerance), then a couple (maybe five) cups a day won't do you much harm.

In fact,
in some studies, the more coffee you drink, the more it protects you from some diseases.

Recently, a new study shows (one cup of) coffee can help fend off Alzheimer's. Actually, it's the caffeine in coffee that scientists suspect "blocks the ability of cholesterol to move from the blood into the brain,"
reports the Telegraph.

What's cholesterol have to do with Alzheimer's? According to the Telegraph, "Cholesterol increases proteins in the brain which break off, forming "plaques" that cause Alzheimer's."

For more on the benefits of coffee (there are many), check out this post:
Coffee More Healthy Than Fruit Juice?

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