Saturday, April 05, 2008

'Fake' Superfoods Exposed

You've seen the "superfood" label on fruits, vegetables and fruit-vegetable hybrids (like Odwalla smoothies) at the store. But some superfoods aren't so super, reports Ask Men.

The fake not-so-super foods are soy and whetgrass juice. Soy can steal a man's sex drive, interfere with your body's ability to digest protein and make it difficult for you to absorb some minerals. Ask Men concludes soy is "neck in neck with Saran Wrap for nutritional content." That's a little harsh. But we've been
keeping a skeptical eye on soy for some time here at Pound360.

The other supposed faker, wheatgrass juice, is no more nutritious than "an equivalent amount of broccoli," says Ask Men. But what if Broccoli is a superfood, as
Dole swears and the Daily Mail suggested a couple years back?

Depends on the source you trust. I don't entirely trust Dole (
they've got broccoli to sell). And it's hard for me to take the Daily Mail list too seriously since they list baked beans as a superfood. But I take it seriously enough to conclude Ask Men is probably stretching a bit on the wheatgrass slam.


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