Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brazilian Expedition Discovers 14 New Species

Scientists exploring the Cerrado wilderness in Brazil have identified 14 new species, reports Reuters. Among the surprising finds is a legless lizard. Pound360 wonders if this creature isn't part of the animal group we've been referring to for thousands of years as "snakes." But we're not scientists here.

Other new species include a variation on the horned toad, a dwarf woodpecker and eight previously undiscovered types of fish.

For as well as we people think we know the planet, it's pretty inspiring to know there's more out there. It's also a bit depressing. We're doing such a spectacular job of wiping out pristine wilderness (
to plant biofuel crops, no doubt) and pumping pollutants into the environment, Pound360 wonders what species have been wiped out in recent years without ever being discovered by science.

Who cares? Check out this recent post: "
Species Loss Represents a Dark, Mysterious Debt."

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