Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wormholes “Disguised as Black Holes?”

This is more sci-fi than science at the moment, but an imaginative Russian physicist suggests wormholes to other parts of the galaxy, and possibly parallel universes, may be disguised as black holes. (This story originally came to me via a Slashdot post.)

According to the theory, wormholes might be propped open by something called “phantom matter,” which has negative energy and negative mass. Such a substance would have a repulsive effect (needed to prop open a wormhole), but also deflect light.

If you were to look at such a portal, you’d see a bright ring hanging in space. Since the light would bend around it, no matter what angle you look at the ring, it would seem as though you were seeing directly through it. This is the same principle,
you may recall, that scientists believe makes it possible to cloak objects.

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