Friday, February 08, 2008

Tobacco Set for Another Killer Century

A new World Health Organization report shows smoking will kill a billion people this century if current trends continue unchecked,” reports the Economist.

It’s hard to believe since every day it seems another state or country is passing another public policy to ban smoking someplace (at beaches, bars, restaurants or work places). But it’s in the developing world that smoking is the biggest problem. Almost 30 percent of world smokers live in china. Greater than 10 percent live in India. In contrast, Russia and the United States are home to about 5 percent of world smokers each.

Part of the reason smoking numbers are so high in developing nations is education. “Addiction spreads faster than information,” explained the Economist report. Over at,
where they reported on the same story, Pound360 learned that just 25 percent of Chinese understand smoking is unhealthy.

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