Monday, February 04, 2008

Mega-Drought Linked to Hand of Man (and Woman)

I know you probably already forgot the water crisis from last summer. What with Britney spears certifiably going nuts, Paris Hilton going lesbian, and Aruba reopening the Halloway case, it’s perfectly understandable how you may have forgotten that, back in October, the head of Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division feared Atlanta was “likely to run out of water in three months.”

Here in Southern California, where Pound360 is based, a recent series of abnormal winter rainstorms brought record rains. But we haven’t forgotten that last year was the
driest year since record keeping started.

Across the state border, Lake Mead, which provides drinking water for 30 million people, dropped to its lowest level in 40 years, according to
a New Scientist article we came across today. In the column, we learn that a new study finds at least 60 percent of the West’s water woes are the fault of “man-made warming.”

The study, released by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography shows climate models can account for 40 percent of reduced river flows. The rest, ladies and gentleman, is the fault of you, me and everyone else.

And since you, me and everyone else don’t like to do things like buy low-flow toilets, ease off on watering our lawns and dial back the frequency of car washes, scientists are looking to “federal and state legislation,” to save us from ourselves.

Then again, maybe we just need to wait until we’re down to three months worth of water. Over in Georgia,
citizens are crying out for conservation and limits on development.

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