Monday, January 14, 2008

UK Report Challenges Biofuel Mania

We at Pound360 don’t believe biofuels are a climate change solution. If you’re not a regular at Pound360, here’s one of our ramblings on this.

That’s not to say biofuels are useless. We think they perform well as part of a multi-faceted approach to energy independence. And a new report from the Royal Society of Britain backs us up. According to the report, EU biofuel policy "will do more for economic development and energy security than combating climate change."

We’ll add that to the list, economic development. Biofuels will mean more farming, and farming-related jobs as well as industry to convert plants into fuel.

The Royal Society’s report also points out that biofuel mania could be “disasterous” if it exacerbates
humankind’s assault on biodiversity and other environmental damage. For example, consider all the fertilizer it will take to grow our fuel and what impact that will have on waterways.

Already officials are starting to rethink their approach to biofuels. According to the BBC, European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas told them, “the EU had not foreseen all the issues thrown up by its target of providing 10% of Europe's transport fuel from plants.”

At least he’s being honest. At least there’s still time to throw the breaks on this. But I wonder if it’s not too late to sway public opinion?

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