Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Man Survives 47-Story Fall, So Can You (Maybe). Here’s How…

When 37-year-old window washer Alcides Moreno survived a 47-story fall, many wondered how such a thing is possible. But one person set out to investigate why, Slate Explainer Melinda Wenner.

According to
the Explainer column, surviving a super-fall means you must protect your head and pelvis from injury. That’s pretty much it. So how do you do that? According to Slate, “it's possible to right yourself to land feet first using the types of body motions used by athletes or acrobats to perform midair somersaults.” Possible, sure. But not likely. I think it’s mostly blind, dumb luck.

Resulting from the fall, Moreno broke 10 bones, including some ribs, an arm and all the legs. Despite that,
the NY Daily News reports Moreno is expected to walk again.

No word on whether or not Moreno will wash windows again. In the short-run, his family plans to do what everyone who falls off a building does: sue the building owner, building manager and of course the company that installed the scaffolding he was on.

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