Monday, December 10, 2007

Human Evoloution Kicks Into Overdrive

Human genes have been changing 100 times faster over the past 5,000 years than “at any previous period of human evolution,” according to research from the University of Wisconsin (reported by Reuters).

No, we’re not talking about evolving wings or X-Ray vision. The evolutionary developments involve resistance to malaria (among Africans), efficient digestion of milk (Europeans) and drier ear wax (Asians).

Ten thousand years ago, agriculture accelerated evolution. But it’s really fired up as humans have migrated from Africa to the four corners where we had to adapt to new environments.

Evolution has occurred the fastest in Africa, Asia and Europe (sorry, my fellow Americans). But interestingly enough, evolutionary changes “have been unique to their corner of the world.” Does that mean humans with X-Ray vision could go to war with humans with wings in the year 10,000? Of course.


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