Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Elephant’s Bee Phobia Could Protect Crops

Recent evidence supports the theory that elephants, like many of us, are terrified of bees, according to a report at ScienceDaily. In the latest test, scientist set up speakers playing the sound of bees buzzing. Within a few seconds, elephants within earshot fled. Elephants in the same test ignored playback of white-noise.

Earlier research showed elephants damaged acacia trees with beehives less than those with them.

All research considered, “This behavioral discovery suggests that bees might very well be a valuable addition to the toolbox of elephant deterrents used by farmers and conservation managers,” read the ScienceDaily report.

It’s fascinating that science is just now confirming this (I’m sure indigenous populations could have told you bees scare elephants for millennia). Scientific confirmation is the first step towards widely-used solutions. And we at Pound360 are excited to see what we come up with next. We only hope that there’s enough of the natural world left to understand and preserve.

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