Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sorry (or Rejoice) Veggies Don’t Cut Colon Cancer Risk

If you’re faithfully devouring pounds and pounds of fruits and vegetables each day to lower your risk of colon cancer, we at Pound360 have some bad news: another study shows healthy eating does little in the fight.

This time, our friends at the University of Montreal found “higher intake of fruits and vegetables does not strongly reduce your risk of colon cancer,”
reports WebMD.

This is indeed lame news for those of us dedicated to boring, healthy diets full of fruits and vegetables (I’m one of those). But it’s great news if you regularly treat yourself to burgers, fries and ice cream in place of broccoli, tofu and carrots.

As a consolation for us healthy-eating suckers (if you can even call a diet rich in fruits and vegetables healthy anymore), WebMD assures us that, “a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is still recommended for a number of other reasons.” Although they didn’t dig into details on what those reasons might be.

Sigh… I’m off to get a bucket of onion rings from Burger King.

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