Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Morbid Twist in Leaded Chinese Toy Fiasco

Earlier this month I blogged about a Fischer-Price recall of Chinese-made toys containing “excessive amounts of lead.” The Chinese company that manufactured these toys was Lee Der Industrial. Its owner’s name: Zhang Shuhong. And he was recently found dead of an apparent suicide at a company warehouse. Shuhong decided to hang himself, reports the Washington Post.

It appears that Shuhong was the victim of, “an increasingly vigorous government crackdown designed to restore confidence in the export industry.” Shortly before he killed himself, the Chinese government shut down his factory due to the massive toy recall.

But are we any closer to safer food and (tolerably) toxic-free products from China? Not just yet, but they’re trying. According to the Post report, “One recent sequence on the official China Central Television news showed smartly uniformed food-safety inspectors running out of their offices like firemen responding to an alarm.

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