Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Melting Glaciers Reveal Undiscovered Islands

“The thaw of glaciers that stretch out to sea around Svalbard has revealed several islands that are not on any maps,” reports Reuters. Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago. The fascinating development refocuses attention on global warming, and raises concerns that arctic ice is melting faster than originally feared.

“This acceleration may be faster than predicted,” said one Arctic researcher. Instead of an ice-free arctic by 2100, we could lose our polar ice caps by mid-century. Quite a drag.

On the upside, maybe one of these islands will show evidence of a long-lost civilization, or reveal other clues about our past. Imagine how well preserved artifacts would be on these islands.

According to the Reuters report, receding glaciers uncovering new islands is not a new phenomena. I thought it was. However, “islands have also appeared in recent years off Greenland and Canada.”

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