Thursday, August 02, 2007

Latest study on marijuana says…

If you’re a pot smoker, the news is actually pretty good. But not all good. Marijuana, while seemingly natural and clean compared to evil, big-tobacco cancer sticks, can do some damage.

One joint “obstructs the flow of air as much as smoking up to five tobacco cigarettes,” according to a New Zealand Medical Research Institute study (
covered here by Wired).

Another conclusion from the study: a single joint does the same amount of “lung damage” as 2.5 cigarettes.

The Wired article also reminds us of a study released last week showing the risk of becoming psycho goes up 40 percent if you smoke grass.

Here’s the good news. The New Zeeland study found that just 1.3 percent of long-term pot smokers develop chronic lung disease, while 18.9 percent of cigarette smokers develop this condition.

Also, from what I understand, a whole joint is a lot of weed to smoke. So I’d bet that few people smoke the amount needed to cause the damage referred to at the start of this post.

Fun fact: an estimated 160 million people around the globe smoke pot.

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