Monday, June 11, 2007

Water on Mars?

"New analysis of pictures taken by the exploration rover Opportunity reveals what appear to be small ponds of liquid water on the surface of Mars," reports New Scientist. Click on that link to check out the pic, too. I'll let you be the judge. All I'll say is that, from what I know, the pics are transmitted back to Earth in black-and-white, then they're given the color treatment by analysts (and the supposed water looks very, very blue... Disneyland pond blue).

The finding is being reported by an advanced image processing team at Lockheed Martin led by physicist Ron Levin.

Levin admits the images could show very clear ice. And that's more likely what it is (Mars is known to have water ice in
its polar ice caps). Many scientists believe Mars' atmosphere is too thin to support water. But if it's there, does this mean the chances of finding life on the Red Planet are increased? Of course. Such a finding "would significantly boost the odds that living organisms could survive on or near the surface of Mars," said Levin.

For the record,
NASA reported in December that "photographs have revealed bright new deposits seen in two gullies on Mars that suggest water carried sediment through them sometime during the past seven years."


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