Tuesday, June 12, 2007

D is the iPhone of the Vitamin World

The health world can't stop buzzing about the growing body of evidence supporting vitamin D's cancer-fighting properties.

The latest report by the University of California San Diego is being called "the most rigorous study yet,"
by Time. And it shows a 60 percent lower risk for cancer among women who are on vitamin D supplements. What's new about this study is that blood levels of vitamin D were monitored. Also, the study shows it's not just any D that will do, but D3. This type is common in stand-alone vitamin D supplements, but not as common in multivitamins where D2 is typically used.

So where did the recent focus on D begin? According to Time, it was a study showing cancer rates were higher in northern latitudes than southern ones. Since sunlight hits southern latitudes more intensely, researchers suspected a connection. Sunlight of course is used by your body to create vitamin D. And to tie this post together, the type of vitamin D that your body synthesizes from sunlight is D3 or "cholecalciferol."

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