Monday, April 16, 2007

Why Broccoli, Soy Fight Cancer

You're probably used to reading about studies showing a connection between certain foods and a reduced risk of cancer. But we seldom hear of the biological reasons why. And this is the part that truly fascinates me. Why? Because when we know that, I think, we can build cures.

Finally, for cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli) and food with genistein (like soy), we have a biological reason why they may fight cancer. When the body digests these foods, a compound called "diindolymethane" (DIM) results. As it turns out, this stuff "will reduce the production of two proteins needed for breast and ovarian cancers to spread,"
according to a Reuters report.

But it's not just breast and ovarian diseases, the cancer-disrupting properties of broccoli, soy and similar foods may fight as many as "23 different types of cancer," reports Reuters.

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