Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Have A Heart? Get to know it better…

A couple more interesting pieces this week focus on your ticker. Specifically, they look at how stress affects the heart and how your job can crank up blood pressure.

Over in Belgium, researchers found that stressful jobs can raise your blood pressure around the clock. Even when you sleep. How much of an increase? "Enough to confer a substantial risk of heart disease." This according to
a report at WebMD. The worst kind of stress comes from jobs with "high psychological demands" where you have "low job control." So be aware of that.

Now to the BBC where
a column today looks at the connection between our minds, hearts and stress. As it turns out, areas of higher brain function trigger stress responses in the heart (as opposed to more primitive areas of the brain). Though the article did not explain why more developed areas of the brain activate increased heart rate, the piece did point out why. "This is designed to maximise blood flow, so that the body is primed to take quick action."

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