Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Canada beats US in Health Care

Here in the United States we pay $7,100 per capita for care in a private health system. Up in Canada, they spend $2,900 per capita for a public, universal health care system. And it's well know that health care costs continue to spiral in the US, and it's crippling businesses. But we're getting better health care in the States, right? Wrong.

According to research aggregating the findings of 38 health care studies, "health outcomes for patients in Canada are as good as or better than in the United States,"
reports the CBC (that's the Canadian Broadcasting Company for you Yankees). However, this study was conducted by US researchers.

I am as shocked as you are.

When comparing patients who had similar medical conditions, researchers found that, "Overall, Canada did better, and in fact we found a statistically significant five per cent mortality advantage to people with diagnoses in Canada compared to their counterparts in the United States."

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