Monday, April 30, 2007

"Astounding Bombshell" About Vitamin D

Results of a Creighton University (Nebraska) study show vitamin D reduced cancer risk by 60 percent. Canada's Globe and Mail speculates the research will be "the biggest bombshell about vitamin D's effects," and referred to the study results as "nothing short of astounding." (Read full story here.)

Why? According to the Globe and Mail's report, vitamin D is more effective at reducing cancer than quitting cigarettes.

According to one expert quoted in the story, "there is no better anti-cancer agent than activated vitamin D."

While Pound 360 has watched the supposed benefits of many foods and vitamins come and go over the past year, we've been strong proponents of vitamin D since
the LA Times declared it a "wonder pill" last June. Click on that link to learn why vitamin D is such a powerful supplement.

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