Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Smoking 2.0?

As if nicotine laced water weren't enough, they're marketing smokeless cigarettes over in Italy, reports Wired. The water, which you may remember from a previous post at Pound360 (see link above) is called "Nic Lite." These smokeless cigs are called NicStics.

No need for matches, these 'Stics have an electric heating coil that vaporizes tobacco. What's the point? First, there's no smoke, so you can "smoke" these anyplace (I wonder if you can get away with it on a plane). Second, there's no "tar, cadmium and formaldehyde," in these things, reports Wired. And that

To get started, all you need is a nicotine addiction, the will to change and about $100. But these things aren't as glamorous as their standard 1.0 counterpart -- you know, the kind that require matches and are smoked by rock stars and actors? The NicStic gives off a noxious odor that Wired describers as "unpleasant even to smokers."

When can we expect smokeless cigarettes in the U.S.? Next year. According to Wired, one company plans to rollout smokeless smokes in early 2007. But whether hardcore smokers will pick up these contraptions or not is unclear. One addict told Wired he turned back to Smoking 1.0 after the 2.0 thing failed to yield any taste or "kick."

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