Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cleanliness Has Little to do with Acne?

According to an article at CNN today, when it comes to acne, "studies have shown cleanliness and diet are not important factors." Am I the only one that feels betrayed by my high school science teachers? This means I could have had one less reason to feel guilty about gorging on french fries and potato chips.

Anyway, the piece I was reading had to do with the link between stress and acne. It turns out, when teens approach exam time, their acne breakouts worsened.

So what really causes acne? Inflammation, according to the article. So it must be a chemical released by our bodies in reaction to stress that leads to acne. Maybe. The article wasn't clear. However, one researcher stated, "the skin, in my opinion, is a mirror to what is going in our minds."

This research may affect studies on other skin conditions like eczema.

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