Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Room Temp Can Damage Asparagus and other Food Storage Advice

Somehow I came across an interesting piece on food storage. I believe it was via Digg a while back. But its been a long while.

Anyway, the piece has some interesting advice for keeping food fresh, healthy and tasty. And no, putting everything in the fridge is not the best advice.

For example, berries should never see the inside of a fridge. But keep them in a paper bag and don't remove the stems until you're ready to eat them. Tropical fruit, as well as avocados, lemons, plums and melons shouldn't be refrigerated. Cool temps make them spoil faster. And if you've got any garlic, a dark, dry place will do--no need for a refrigerator.

So what goes in the fridge? First, you ought to store carrots in apples in the fridge, but be sure to keep them in paper bags (it keeps them from getting mushy somehow). Asparagus should get to the fridge too. In fact, you should get it there right away; room temperature may destroy half of Asparagus' vitamin C.

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