Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Healthlines: February 21, 2007

In previous coverage on the link between testosterone and health, Pound360 couldn't figure out how men can control testosterone levels, but this SciAm piece suggests obesity is a factor in lowering testosterone levels…
Low testosterone in men may be diabetes risk factor (Scientific American)

This headline was just to irresistible to pass up… but it's a bit of a letdown, they're saying that diet is just as effective as dieting-and-exercise at controlling weight…
but we've heard this before
No need to diet and exercise to lose weight (Reuters)

Aren't all honeys created equally? Nope. "The composition of honey depends greatly on where honeybees collect their raw materials"…
Honeydew honeys are better antioxidants than nectar honeys (EurekAlert)

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