Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And Here’s Why Sleep Keeps You Trim…

Sleep. I love it. But it’s hard to find time for it, and it’s hard (for me) to do. But there’s another study out on how sleep helps keep you in shape, so I gotta start figure something out. The widely reported story (which you can catch at CNN) focuses on kids, sleep and weight gain.

What’s the story? One hour of sleep can “cut the likelihood of being overweight from 36 percent to 30 percent in children ages 3 to 8.”

Why? Sleep, or lack thereof, can impact hormones that control appetite.
Behavior, affected by a lack of sleep, may play a part too. “Getting less sleep -- for example, staying up an hour later at night -- may provide more opportunity to eat,” one expert told CNN. “And she said not getting enough sleep may leave a person more lethargic, cutting down on exercise.”

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