Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Healthlines: January 31, 2007

"She used to rub it on his chest and body every night" because lavender, in alternative medicine circles, is supposed to have healing properties.."
Scented oils linked to breast growth in boys (Reuters)

I've heard of alcoholics drinking hair spray -- and of course, mouthwash -- to get drunk, but hand sanitizer? Believe me, it's stupider than it sounds…
U.S. doctors warn of poisoning from hand gels (CNN)

More bad news for people living close to busy freeways… especially women…
and once again, I realize this seems obvious, but if you tell people this kind of thing without pointing to a specific study, they call you a paranoid maniac, or a liar, or whatever…
Air Pollution Linked to Heart Deaths (WebMD)

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