Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Healthlines: January 30, 2007

Not much of a gambler myself, but my grandfather is. A new study suggests this may have to do with how he and I process negative information…
Older people take bad news in their stride: study (Reuters)

Uh-oh, another study showing reducing calories is just as effective as exercise in taking off pounds… and what kind of message does this send to the lazy masses? More bad news: "Research adds to evidence that adding muscle mass does not boost metabolism"…
Diet, exercise take off equal pounds, study finds (CNN)

I've heard from women that the (birth control) pill can cause acne to flare out of control, reduce sex drive and put on pounds. The NY Times looked at the latter, and "the claim" doesn't seem to have any scientific basis…
The Claim: The Pill Can Make You Put On Weight (NY Times)

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