Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Flour Can be an Explosive Too!

Okay, I realize I'm swerving completely off the mission of this blog at this point, but I found this interesting, so I figure you would too. Flour. You know it, love it and can't make bread without it. But did you know that, like nondairy creamer, it becomes explosive when "hanging in the air as dust?" This according to a writeup at

How could something as seemingly harmless as flour be so dangerous? Well, according to, flour is made up mostly of starch. Starch is a carb. And carbs are sugar. Sugar burns easily. So if you have a substance made mostly of starch hanging in the air as dust, to the tune of 50 grams per cubic meter, you've got yourself an explosive situation.

For the record, pudding dust is also explosive.

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