Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Possible Answer to the Asthma Mystery?

A couple days back, I posted on the mysterious Asthma epidemic. As I was reading through my sources today, I noticed an interesting study that may shed light on one of the causes. (I'd bet that there are a number of different reasons that Asthma is on the rise.)

This is a bit complex, but bear with me. A new
Australian study reported by EurekAlert is looking into the connection between fat intake and how well your immune system works.

Here's how fat may affect the immune system. Some white blood cells, the ones that trigger immune response (they're called dendritic cells), rely on a fat binding molecule called "aP2" to do their job. If aP2 is over-activated -- say, by a high-fat diet -- your immune system gets thrown out of whack.

"Over-activation of dendritic cells can trigger inflammatory diseases," reports EurekAlert. Inflammatory diseases include asthma, atherosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

As our intake of fats has changed in the past few decades, "there has been in an increase in inflammatory diseases."

Once again, the study is just looking into this connection. Conclusive evidence of a link between fat intake and the functioning of your immune system has yet to be found.

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