Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cut Protein, Lower Cancer Risk?

Researchers from Washington University (St. Louis) found people with low protein intake had lower levels of hormones linked to cancer risk. The study included three groups: distance runners, vegetarians and "sedentary adults who ate a typical American diet," reported Scientific American. Surprise, surprise, the vegetarians came out ahead in this study.

While the runners also had low levels of hormones lined to cancer, the vegetarians had a lower level of a particularly risky hormone, IGF-1, which encourages cell growth and division. According to the SciAm report, "high IGF-1 levels in the blood have been linked to breast, prostate and colon cancers."

Before you put down the pork chops and pick up some kale, understand the Washington University study was a very, very small. It only included 63 people. One researcher told SciAm that the results are just a "first step" towards a better understanding of the relationship between protein and cancer.

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