Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Great News for Rich People

It's not fair. Most of the world is poor, but rich people get all the benefits. And I'm not talking about Mercedes Benzes, mansions and marriages to movie stars. It's the little gems in life they get too. Yes, rich people live longer, they are less stressed, and they sleep better, according to research from the University of Chicago (reported by MSNBC & Reuters).

The study of 669 Chicagoans found that men sleep less than women, blacks sleep less than whites and the more money you have, the more sleep you get. "There was an expectation that people with very demanding jobs in terms of high status, high income, would be getting less sleep, and that was not true," said one of the study experts.

I think that these expectations come from us poor people telling each other such nonsense to feel better about being poor.

So how much are people sleeping? Here's the breakdown:
  • White women: 6.7 hours per night
  • White men: 6.1 hours per night
  • Black women: 5.9 hours per night
  • Black men: 5.1 hours per night


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