Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Healthlines: October 17, 2006

From the same state fair that brought us the Corn Dog, it's FRIED COCA-COLA… yes, you read that right…
Newest Fair Food: Deep-Fried Coca-Cola (WFTV 9, Florida)

Think that walking is just as healthy as jogging? Didn't I just read a story that said it was? Well…
Aerobic exercise beats gentler 10,000 steps in health study (CNN)

Why is Disney news so irresistible? Isn't it? Or am I the only one? At any rate, here's the latest: The company is cutting sugar content to 10 percent of calories and fat to 30 percent of calories in kids meals served at theme parks…
Disney aiming to sell healthier food to kids (Reuters)

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