Thursday, October 19, 2006

Demystifying food myths.

Over at, they've got the fourth installment of their series on food myths. Here are the highlights (myths are in bold)…

Raw food is better than cooked food: It turns out that some raw foods can actually be worse for you. For example, raw eggplants and beans have toxins that can be harmful to your digestive tract.

Plastic cutting boards are more hygienic: According to a 1993 study, bacteria died after three days on a wood cutting board, but "multiplied out of control" on plastic ones. If you use plastic cutting boards, AskMen suggests washing it with a "mild solution of bleach and water" every week or so.

Coffee raises your blood pressure: Previous studies suggest this, but when you adjust the study for smoking, diet and alcohol intake, "the correlation between hypertension and coffee nearly disappeared."

You should eat three meals a day: Why? It's not natural, points out AskMen. "There is absolutely no scientific evidence that animals in the wild eat three regular meals a day," explains the men's journal. They suggest eating when you're hungry, but only enough to feel satisfied.

Artificial food coloring makes kids hyper: Bad research in the '70s started this myth, but it was later "ripped to shreds" by real scientists.

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