Monday, October 16, 2006

Coke Stole My Idea, Launches Calorie-Burning Bev

There's a new soft drink hitting the stands in January of 2007 which claims to burn 50 to 100 calories per 12 ounce serving, reports the Independent (UK).

Does this mean that if I drink 20 cans of this stuff per day (which should burn up to 2000 calories), I can eat all the onion rings and ice cream I want without fear of gaining weight? At least 2000 calories worth of this stuff on top of everything else I drink in a day? Please?

The drink is called "Enviga" and, according to the Independent (UK), it will contain "caffeine, calcium and a green tea extract called epigallocatechin gallate." This mix should boost the metabolism and in turn, help you torch extra calories.

As it turns out, the 12 ounce serving burns 100 calories "over the course of a day." So the answer is no, this doesn't open the door to guilt-free junk food binges.

Last summer, I predicted this. I swear. After passing a billboard for "Pepsi One" and "Coke Zero," I asked a co-worker of mine, "when will Pepsi come out with -10?" Looks like Coke beat them to the punch.

Enviga joins other "negative calorie" drinks like EliteFX's "Celsius,"
which has been on store shelves since last year.


Loran said...

uhmm interesting, never heard of this drink!

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