Monday, September 11, 2006

Yes, They Now Have Nicotine in a Bottle

Believe it. A company called Nico Worldwide Inc. has put a drink on the market that it calls an "organic nicotine molecule replacement drink." It sells by the brand name "Nic Lite," and it's basically lemon flavored water spiked with two cigarettes worth of nicotine.

Is it just me or does "Nic Light" sound a stripped-down, maybe internet-only, version of Nickelodeon? As far as I know, there is no relationship between the children's network and Nico Worldwide. In fact, some people think the nicotine beverage could be another way for kids to get hooked on smokes.

I first came across Nic Light when I was at LAX this week. Since we can't bring water through the security checkpoint at airports now, I was searching the terminal for a bottle of water. At one of the shops, they had two drinks available: Aquafina water and Nic Light. And the craziest part was that, on the bottle, it was labeled a "dietary supplement."

If you think the labeling has some people pretty ticked, you're right. Read about the controversy here.

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