Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Someday, a home test for cancer?

Researchers have found a protein that is only present in the bloodstream when a patient has cancer, reports WebMD. The protein, tNOX, is only created when cancerous cells divide. Does this mean that we're one step closer to the day when checking for cancer is as easy as checking insulin levels? Yes! Well… actually… I don't know. But it's a fascinating idea, no?

Dr. Lorraine O'Driscoll, a cancer researcher from Ireland, would probably shoot down my idea. "There are so many potential candidates out there that I doubt any one will prove to be the one answer," O'Driscoll told WebMD.

So far, research has shown that tNOX tests can identify prostate and lung cancer. Tests on other types of cancer have yet to be launched. However, according to another expert, Dr. D. James Moore, "tNOX is the first tumor marker for all cancers ever described."

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