Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quitting the Pills Could be a Deadly Decision

"Many patients stop taking their medicine far sooner than they should, researchers say, and that decision can be deadly when the drugs treat heart disease or diabetes," reports CNN. The report is based on a study that found one out of eight heart attack patients quit taking pills prescribed to save their lives.

Those that quit were three times as likely to die during the next year than those who did not. Quitters were often older, single and less educated. One famous person who gave up on his medication is former President Bill Clinton. Instead of dying after quitting his heart meds, he had to head back to the hospital for quadruple bypass surgery.

Why are people giving up on life saving drugs? It could be one of many factors, or a combination of, "cost, side effects, depression, carelessness and a desire not to be someone who takes a lot of pills," reads the CNN report. Communication between doctor and patient may also be a problem. "Doctors, [one expert] said, need to tell patients more about the drugs they prescribe and then follow up with them.

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