Tuesday, September 12, 2006

For a Long Life, Try Moving To…

Whether it’s the low population density, clean mountain air, the "healing" aspect of nature or active lifestyles, people in seven Colorado counties are living longer than the rest of us, according to a Harvard School of Public Health report that will be appearing in the Public Library of Science Medicine (that's a magazine) and reported by Time (that's a magazine too).

Folks in the seven Colorado counties can expect to live 81.3 years. At the low end, residents of the District of Columbia an only expect 72 years.

While the Colorado department of health cites "active lifestyles, low smoking rates and the lowest-in-the-nation numbers for obesity," Time's Rita Healy thinks there's also some magic at work. Well, maybe not magic, per se, but she points out that residents drink water "just five miles form its snowfield source," "don't spend a lot of time waiting in lines," and close proximity to ski areas, state parks and national forests keep residents in touch with nature. Ah, nature. Fight it if you want, argue with me if you must, my fellow Los Angelinos, but we don't have much of that.

You know, nature. And no, Griffith Park hardly counts. Compared to the Rocky Mountains, that mangy park is pretty much a wasteland.

For the record, Los Angeles residents can expect just 78.1 years of traffic jams, polluted beaches and movie star sightings.

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